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Daytime Walks: Rates start at $25 per visit*
One of our Pet Care Specialists will provide a one on one walk with your dogs which last at least 20 minutes. These walks are great for people who are gone during the day or for families that just donít have the time to provide the exercise and playtime their dogs need and deserve. These walks occur in and around your neighborhood rain or shine. Prices generally cover up to 2 dogs that are accustomed to walking together.

For those clients who have more than 2 dogs or need Multiple Visits per day we will work with you to create a plan and a schedule that fits the needs of both you and your dogs.
Dog Park Visits: Rates starting at $50*
This service is great for people that just donít have time to exercise and socialize their dogs. We will take your dogs to the local off-leash dog park where they can run, play with other dogs, fetch, or just goof around. If you are not within walking distance to the park we will transport them there by car. Each visit lasts approximately one hour including the time it takes to get to and from the park.

Aggressive or poorly trained dogs are not eligible for this service.
Doggie Play Dates: Rates starting at $35*

This service is great for both the budget minded client as well as those with dogs who enjoy being in packs and interact well with other dogs. Your dog will join a group of up to 3 other dogs and be transported to a local dog park, beach, or other safe and open area where they can run and play together for up to an hour. These trips will take place some time between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday.

Aggressive or poorly trained dogs are not eligible for this service.

In Home Pet Sitting Service: Rates start at $25 per visit*

Why board your dogs when they can enjoy the comforts and familiarity of home while you enjoy your business trip or vacation? We will come to your home (normally 4 times a day) at predetermined times and either provide a leash walk or just let out your dogs and play with them. We will place out food at meal times and make sure fresh water is always available. Our staff of professionals is trained to administer medications if needed. We, of course, will bring in your mail as well as alternate lights and blinds in your home at no additional charge. A full report will be given to you upon your return to give you valuable feedback on how your pets did.

Unfortunately, due to workman's compensation insurance restrictions, we are unable to have a pet care specialist physically stay in your home overnight. However, for clients with dogs comfortable sleeping through the night without a human present this service is a wonderful option.

Cat Sitting Services: Rates starting at $25 per visit*
We take care of cats too. For cat owners who do not have a dog in need of pet sitting this service is for you. We will come to your home at predetermined times to feed your cats and scoop the litter box. We will bring in your mail as well as alternate the blinds and lights to make it look like someone is home. While at your home we will play with your cats, brush them, or provide any other reasonable service you request to make them feel comfortable in your absence.
Pet Transportation Services: Priced upon request
We provide Pet Transportation services for those clients who are not able or just don’t have time to get their pets to and from their destination or appointments. We will transport your pets to and from doggie day care, boarding kennels, groomers, veterinarians, and anywhere else you need. This service is customized to your exact needs and priced accordingly.

* Exact price will be given at the initial meeting. Many factors are considered when determining the price of each visit or service. A Holiday Surcharge will be assessed to each visit on all major holidays.

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