Frequently Asked Questions:


What area does Coastal Canines cover?

  • We proudly serve Fairfield and Westport, Connecticut.

Does Coastal Canines work all year round?

  • Yes, as long as you have a dog we are here for you.

What happens when it snows or rains?

  • Coastal Canines provides service no matter what the weather conditions are. However, if there is extreme weather the visit might be shorter than normal. Your dog will always have adequate time to do their business though.

How often do you come?

  • We create a schedule that works best for you and your pet. We can come as often or little as you like. Most clients choose to have us come daily or at least several times a week. For customers who are gone all day we offer multiple visits.

Is it possible to get one-time-only service?

  • Yes! One-time-only or short-term service may be arranged depending on availability. 

How does Coastal Canines Bill their customers?

  • We invoice either weekly or monthly depending on the amount of visits scheduled. All services are billed on a Pre-Pay basis. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice and we accept cash or checks. Credits for skipped or cancelled visits are applied to the next invoice. Visits on holidays and weekends are subject to a surcharge. 

Do you come to the house prior to the first visit?

  • YES! We will meet with you and your pet(s) at your home prior to starting any service. We will provide you answers to any questions that you might have as well as get to know your pet. This initial meeting is always FREE.

Does Coastal Canines require a contract?

  • No. We do have our clients sign a service agreement which outlines the services to be provided. We do require 24 hours notice for any cancellations.

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