Coastal Canine Pet Sitting Client Forms:

Please download, print and complete the following forms prior to your initial meeting with Coastal Canines. If you choose Coastal Canines for your pet care needs you can simply give Nick or your Pet Care Specialist the completed forms at the end of your initial meeting. Please feel free to contact Nick ahead of time with any quesitons or simply ask any questions you may have at your initial meeting. 


This form will be used to provide basic contact information as well as being a signed agreement between you and Coastal Canines so that pet care services may be provided. 


This form is used to provide specific pet information for your Coastal Canines Pet Care Specialist. Please complete a form for each one of your pets. 


Please read this form to underdsatnd how we tag keys to protect your identity. This will also act as a record of the key or keys you provide Coastal Canines. 


This form will act as an emergency authorization for care from your veterinarian or an emergency care facilty, if needed, until the veterinarian office can make contact with you. 

This form is for you to keep and need not be returned to Coastal Canines. 

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